Latest Guru News

Lots of New Stuff Has Arrived this November at the Gurus!

First off we have the Game Cube style controller for your wii-mote! Yes no adapter needed, play Smash Bros like a champ by plugging these bad boys into your wiimote making them virtually wireless!

Then we have a slew of new Collectibles, board and card games!

The New X-Wing ships, YT-2400 Freighter and the VT-49 Decimator are $27.95 and $37.95

Good Cop - Bad Cop $12.95
Concept $35.95
Merchants & Marauders $59.95
Lords of Xidit $54.95
Castles of the Mad king Ludwig $54.95
Knightmare Chess $25.95
Mifuchi $16.50
Adventure Maximus $21.95
Ruckus Goblin Army $21.95
Legendends - Gaurdians of the Galaxy Expansion $17.95
Machi Koro $24.95
Yahtzee Firefly $44.95
Get Bit $17.95
Letters to Santa $8.95
Cypher $8.95
Nightmare Before Christmas Mystery Figures $5
Dr. Who mystery figures $5


Game Guru Events Changes

We have completely changed our calendar to be more user friendly! We are using the Facebook events and all of our events are listed on our facebook page AND on our webpage! YAY! Just click the link in the left menu to get them listed for you. Easy squeezy gamer pezzy!

Saturday's Dice Masters, Netrunner and My Little Pony Games

Game Gurus is proud to add Wizkids' Marvel Dice Masters to the

(now somewhat poorly named) CCG Saturday lineup! Head over to

Game Gurus for casual and tournament matches of Dicemasters

as well as your favorite CCGs and LCGs all day this Saturday!


Harder Better Faster Stronger! (name the artist!) Our webmaster has worked his wonders and we are excited to launch our fresh-faced and easier-to-use website. There are lots of new features and all kinds of web goodness for your gaming pleasure. We'll be adding new events, news and features regularly so check back often! Enjoy!

Wednesday X-Wing Game Night


Head to Game Gurus Wednesday nights for some X-Wing campaigns and casual play from 5PM onward at Game Gurus, don't miss it for the galaxy! Check out our Events Calendar for even more Guru Activities!